2017-2018 University of North Carolina Admission Essays

University of North Carolina Admission Essays.


The supplemental UNC admissions essay is out for the 2013-2014 cycle and we’ve got it for you. The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill supplemental essay prompt — which notably is different from last year’s essay prompt — reads as follows:


Choose ONE of the prompts below and respond: 

A) Most of us have one or more personality quirks. Explain one of yours and what it says about you; 

B) What do you hope to find over the rainbow?; 

C) Why do you do what you do?;

D) If you could travel anywhere in time or space, either real or imagined, where would you go and why?; 

E) Tell us about a time when your curiosity led you someplace you weren’t expecting to go.”


The UNC admissions essay prompt is required of all applicants to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. It must be 400-500 words in length and it does leave plenty of room for creativity.

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