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We offer personalized SAT test-preparation to a variety of students. Our tutors are experts in their fields, having received SAT scores upwards of 95 th percentile and/or possessing impressive academic backgrounds in their respective subject-areas. Our approach is individualized: we cater to the particular cultural, linguistic and personal needs of our students, assisting them to achieve the best scores on their exams without applying undue pressure.

In order to maximize our students’ scores, we tackle each subsection individually, based on the student’s score in each respective sub-section and difficulty-level; the less a student progresses in a particular section, the more we focus on the skills necessary to ensure success in that section. In the ‘Analysis by Question Type’ section, for instance, we divide types into ‘Expression of Ideas,’ ‘Words in Context,’ ‘Analysis in Science’ and several other sections; if a student gets 90% of the ‘Expression of Ideas’ questions correct and 50% of the ‘Words in Context’ questions correct, we strive to improve their ‘Words in Context’ score, emphasizing that section over the rest. Taking advantage of our methods, our students have excelled on their examinations, and many have scored perfect of near-perfect scores and have gone on to attend the schools of their choice.

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