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College Admission ConsultingMany students and parents overlook the importance of the application essay, which is an increasingly important factor in college admissions. Our Editors are expert writers with a proven track record of successful, strong writing. This includes previous publication in professional or university-level journals, newspapers, magazines or literary journals. We help 12 th grade students edit their college application essays, providing them with the tools they need to voice their thoughts with confidence, strength and eloquence. We empower students’ essays by emphasizing the students’ voices and bringing to light students’ personalities and idiosyncrasies, thereby highlighting their strengths and diminishing their weaknesses. Thus, we ensure that students’ essays display strong grammar, a proven use of correct syntax, and a wide range of vocabulary, while retaining each student’s individual style. We consult in our efforts to promise the best possible results for our students’ admissions.

College Admission Result

USAHarvard(2), Stanford(3), Princeton(2), Columbia(11), Brown(4), Dartmouth(5), University of Pennsylvania(5), University of Pennsylvania Dental(7 Yr)(2), Cornell(13), Cal Tech(2), Duke(10), University of Chicago(4), Northwestern(7), Johns Hopkins(10), Rice(6), Amherst College(2), Middlebury College (3), Bowdoin(2), Boston College(15), Carnegie Mellon(16), Emory(10), Washington University(6), Case Western Reserve(5), Tufts(2), Boston University(19), Notre Dame(4), Georgetown(3), NYU Dental(3)…
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PEN College Admissions Consulting

PEN Education offers a variety of college application counseling services – from comprehensive admissions assistance to targeted help with a specific part of the process – to best fit the applicant’s needs. We try our best to help applicants with every step of the application process.

Before Apply

  • Review the applicant’s GPA, Test Scores, Extra Curricular Activities based on his/her target schools and intended major
  • Research the best-fit schools and developing a personalized college list
  • Create a college-admission action roadmap (ED/EA and Regular Applications)
  • Build an impressive college resume and cover letters to secure the letters of recommendation


  • Complete the Common Application, Coalition Application, University of California application, and other college applications
  • Edit the personal statement and supplemental application essays
  • Refine and polish up the applications
  • Prepare for college interviews
  • Complete the FAFSA and applying for scholarships

After Apply

  • Update the application process to the parents.
  • Find out any missing documents and take care of them quickly.
  • Complete the FAFSA and applying for scholarships

After Admission

  • Choose the best-fit school and register it before May 1
  • Strategize to get admitted off waitlist
  • Apply to the campus housing and deposit
  • Check and follow the schedule of the open house, orientation, courseregistration and payment
  • Assist to help to apply F-1 Visa for the international students

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